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About EU tyre label

The new EU tyre label (since May 2021) contains information about safety and environmental aspects of a tyre. The EU tyre label makes it easy to compare tyres in terms of fuel efficiency, wet grip and noise.
– Fuel Efficiency – How economic is this tyre?
– Wet Grip – How can the tyre stop in wet conditions?
– Exterior Noise – How noisy is the tyre?

Fuel Efficiency (depends on rolling resistance of tyre)

Everybody can see that point where the tyre touch the road surface. At this point the tyre can seems flat despite the correct pressure. During the driving this part of tyre continuously change his shape and causing friction and resistance.
Poor quality tyres can causing more resistance and as such making more fuel consumption.
But in case of 4×4 or off road tyres this is the last what matter. Quality categories for this parameter from A to E as from the best to worst. Between classes, fuel consumption increases by approximately 0.1 litre for every 100 km driven.
EU tyre label - fuel efficiency

Grip on the wet road surface (can it keep the car on the road?)

We should know how our tyres will perform in wet conditions because is important in Ireland.
The modern tyre made from lot of ingredients. The grip depends on this mix but lesser quality tyres contains less from the good properties ingredients. This cause the increased stopping distance using lesser quality tyres. The good quality tyre will instil safety and ensure that you stop when you need to. Interesting question the lifetime because the soft material tyres have more grip but their lifetime is shorten than cheaper rigid tyres. Quality categories for this parameter from A to E as from the best to worst.
EU tyre label - griponwetsurface

Rolling noise

During driving the contact of tyre and road surface make noise. This noise depends on speed, material of tyre, structure of tyre and tread pattern. The noise can disturb the driver and it becomes tiredly for passengers also and the generated noise important for the environment also.
The 4×4 and off road tyres more noisily due from pattern. This parameter with A, B and C categories is the measured volume of noise in decibel from 67 to 77. The lower number means less noise.
EU tyre label - rollingnoise

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